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On Vacation

Due to some personal issues, I've had to put this web site on hold for a few months.
The website will stay live because of some of the information is still helpful. I plan to resume the site in a few months.
I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, in my absence there has been a rash of spammers who have posted objectionable comments. I had to delete thousands of bogus accounts. Please accept my apology if you registered a legitimate account which has been deleted. To keep this from happening again in my absence, I've turned off the ability to create new accounts and there should be no new offensive comments. When I'm back to actively maintaining this site, I'll turn back on the ability to register and post comments.

Medicare, Facebook & Twitter

United Healthcare is hosting a free workshop on Tuesday morning, September 18th from 9:30-11am at the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center just west of La Mesa.

There will be a lecture on Medicare and its recent changes, followed by a hands-on computer lab to help you explore social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

If Facebook and Twitter seem too complicated, you're not alone. Hopefully, this event may help demystify them.

UTC & La Mesa Farmers Markets

I've added surveys of the UTC and La Mesa Farmers Markets. As you can probably tell, I'm really enjoying the Farmers Markets. They each differ and I'm finding delicious local foods that I didn't know existed in San Diego. The Farmers Markets are an inexpensive culinary adventure.
Sorry - I really should get back to visiting Retirement Homes but I'm having so much fun at the Farmers Markets! Our next stop will be the Morena Farmers Market on Tuesday.